Frequently asked questions

1. What we do

At Barclays we understand the challenges of living with wealth, and that beyond the management of financial assets, there is more to life.

The Little Book of Wonders offers a curated world of luxury events, experiences and insights from Barclays with a carefully selected group of brand partners.

Spanning 8 lifestyle areas, our team of leading contributing editors and event specialists offer you a concise edit of the most interesting experiences that life has to offer.

2. How to contact us

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the team at If you would prefer a call please include details of the best number and times to reach you on.

3. Where can I see the latest events?

Our events are listed chronologically on the homepage so you will always be able to see our upcoming events. To see our newly added events simply select Events and then click on What’s New.

4. How can I book an event?

Book Now will instantly secure you a place at that event - an automated confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm your booking.

Register Interest events have limited availability. Once you have registered your interest in attending, clients are then selected at random. You will find out if you have been successful and allocated a space when you receive an invitation email from our Little Book of Wonders team (usually within 2-3 weeks of the event).

Join Waitlist events are already oversubscribed, however if a cancellation or a last minute opportunity arises the Little Book of Wonders team will contact you to see if you would still like to attend.

5. How can I amend or cancel my event booking?

All your events are stored under My Events, on the top navigation bar. From here you can either amend your event details such as guest names and dietary requirements or cancel your place. We would be grateful if you could do this at least 48 hours before the event takes place to give other people the opportunity.

6. How many guests can I bring?

You will be able to bring 1 guest to the majority of events, sometimes more (details can be found on the booking form). To make it easier to ask your guest of choice if they would like to attend, on the event page select the ‘Share’ icon and enter their email address to let them know about this opportunity.

7. Can I have an extra ticket or place?

When making a booking at an event, the drop down menu will indicate how many guest spaces we are able to offer at that particular event. If you would like an additional ticket or place over and above this limit, then please let us know at the time of booking and we will be able to confirm if this is possible a little closer to the time if we have availability.

8. When will I receive my tickets?

For certain events where you will need a physical ticket to gain entry (such as football matches or theatre performances) the Little Book of Wonders team will contact you personally to confirm your postal address. Tickets will usually be sent out 5-7 days prior to the event date by recorded delivery and once dispatched we will email you the tracking number so that you can follow the delivery progress.

9. How can I let you know about any dietary or special requirements?

There is space in every booking form that gives you the opportunity to tell us about any dietary or special requirements that you may have. If you have registered your interest at an event and are successful in gaining a place, our team will ask you about any special requirements when confirming your place.

10. How many events can I attend?

At the time of activating your account, you will have agreed to our Fair Use Policy which allows you to enjoy 5 Little Book of Wonders events in any 12 month period.

11. How will I know if I've hit my limit?

If you have attended 5 events in any 12 month period and excessive demand requires us to invoke the Fair Use Policy you may find that next time you try to book an event a message will come up advising you to contact your banker or relationship manager. We will try to keep you informed of your status and whether we may need to invoke the Fair Use Policy in which case your banker or relationship manager will advise you in advance.

You can keep track of your upcoming bookings via your My Events. The number next to the title indicates how much of your allocation has been used. If you are unsure as to how many events you have attended or your specific date range then please do not hesitate to contact the Little Book of Wonders team on

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